• Automatic Failover Plan

    The big idea behind vfailover was to develop a tool that automatically reapplies all Vmware vSphere™ settings without the need of a manual failover plan. vfailover today has the highest level of automation compared to other Vmware vSphere™ disaster recovery solutions on the market.

  • Boot Order Control

    vfailover allows you to configure the automatic start up sequence of your virtual machines after a failover or failback.

  • Silent Mode

    vfailover mode "Maintenance Activity" allows you to decide whether to failover with user interaction in case of an unpredictable issue or just failback and fix the issue than. That feature was included to even further reduce the risk of failovers which are often critical tasks within planned maintenance activities.

  • Stretched Cluster

    vfailover supports both stretched and dispersed Vmware vSphere™ HA cluster solutions. Klick on the link to see the details of each supported solution. Another unique feature of vfailover.

  • Write Order Consistency

    Virtual machines may have virtual disks from different data stores. To guaranty data consistency in case of a failover all storage Luns building those data stores need to guaranty write order consistency.

  • Exclude List

    Some virtual machine raw device mappings may not have the requirement to be failovered to the other site. vfailover allows you to define a list of Storage Luns that should be excluded from a failover.

  • Raw Disk Failover

    vfailover manages all types of virtual machine disk assignments like virtual disks or raw device mappings. Raw device mappings are passed through Luns that need special care during failover.

  • Console Output

    vfailover has a very detailed logging mechanism to allow detailed troubleshooting. The console output feature additionally stores the console output to a text file to even better understand what was going on.

  • Automatic Replication Mgmt.

    vfailover is the only Vmware vSphere™ disaster recovery solution that creates and manages HDS HORCM files automatically. Vmware Administrators do not need the support of the storage team to implement and control their disaster recovery solution. Another unique feature of vfailover.